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Make this the year you earn your high school diploma… change jobs…                                  learn an new skill…  gain a new hobby….

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

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    Using Email Effectively

    Email is a means of communicating with others, throughout the world, in a fast and efficient manner. This class will cover the terms and techniques necessary to use email in an efficient, safe and organized manner.  

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    Guitar for Beginners and Beyond

    In-Person at MDIHS: Learning to play the guitar is easy, and with practice you can become good! Each individual will be able maximize their own abilities whether they are brand new to the instrument or already have some experience. Reading and writing notes, basic harmony, chord progressions, and how play a song from start to […]

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    Modern Line Dance

    Line dancing involves people standing in lines learning dance movements together. “Modern Line Dance” is now being used in many line dance clubs, including Pop, Latin, Irish, Big Band, Broadway, and a little Country and Disco. Dance shoes are strongly suggested. Dance experience and a partner are not necessary. Dance shoes or shoes with suede […]

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    Ukulele for Beginners Section 1

    The magical ukulele is capturing hearts and minds in Maine and around the world. Why not yours? Come join our adult beginners’ series and share in the fun of learning to play. The ukulele is versatile and a blast to play (with a bit of regular practice, of course). On it you can knock out […]

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    Heating Your Home with Randy Sprague

    Randy’s back!!! Last year’s hugely successful plumbing class continues now with how to best heat your home. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of home heating. We will explore the 3 Major components of a central heating system and Space Heater Options as well as look at Fuel Sources, Distribution System, types of […]

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