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Make this the year you earn your high school diploma… change jobs…                                  learn an new skill…  gain a new hobby….

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

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    Dog Training: Puppies

    This class is for puppies 9-16 weeks old on the first week of class. We will focus on proper socialization, troubleshooting puppy problems, and beginning obedience. Socialization is crucial at this age in preventing fear and related problems down the road so we will practice interacting with other puppies, meeting new people, exploring new objects […]

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    Dog Training: Manners 1 Section 2

    Tired of feeling like you’re at the other end of a dog sled team? Want to be able to take your dog to the farmers market without them jumping all over everyone? Need to figure out how to get your dog to come when you really need him to? Manners 1 is the class for […]

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    Watercolor for Beginners and Intermediates Section 1

    This class will gently guide you into watercolor painting. We’ll cover the basic stuff like how to do a wash, what kind of brush, what kind of paper and what kind of paints to use. We’ll also cover more advanced and stylized skills in this class. Drawing skills are not needed. Learn how to mix […]

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    “Fun”-damentals of Plumbing

    “Fun”damentals of Plumbing This course is to acquaint students with plumbing systems in their Home. Got plumbing issues? Not sure when to call the plumber or try to fix it yourself? Randy Sprague, local plumber of 40+years, will help you figure out how and when to fix it yourself or when to call the plumber.Class […]

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    Learning About Devices

    This is an in-person class.  If you prefer to register for the online version of this class, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with registering for the online version of this class. Learn about different digital devices in this informative webinar. This webinar is part of the new NDEC Aging […]

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