Welcome to MDI Adult Education, we are glad you are here!  Our program includes everything from dance and art classes, and guided birding adventures to high school completion.

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Whatever your continuing education needs or desires are we are at your service.  

Make this your year!

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earn your high school diploma… change jobs… learn a new skill… gain a new hobby

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

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    Watercolor for Beginners and Intermediates: Tuesdays

    This class will gently guide you into watercolor painting. We’ll cover the basic stuff like how to do a wash, what kind of brush, what kind of paper and what kind of paints to use. We’ll also cover more advanced and stylized skills in this class. Drawing skills are not needed. Learn how to mix […]

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    American Sign Language (ASL) for Beginners

    This 7 session course will cover basic ASL grammar skills, conversation skills,  and  vocabulary.  Themes covered will be calendar, clothing, colors, activities, families, feelings, ABC’s, 123’s, food  and opinions. We will do a wide variety of activities through the class. No book needed. Printed materials will be provided at class.  This will be taught by […]

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    French: An Introduction

    This course will help beginners develop basic proficiencies in all four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Class time will be devoted to reading dialogues, pair work, small and large group discussions, written and oral practice of structure and vocabulary, and use of internet resources. We will use the French TAXI curriculum which includes a text […]

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    Observing Birds III: Have You Met My Family?

    This is a live, Zoom class! Once you know that you’re looking at a hawk, or a duck, or a warbler, you can hone in on some of the shared and distinctive features that are considered special to that bird’s family. The characteristics that make a bird species belong to a family will be the theme of […]

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