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Mt. Desert Island Adult and Community Education offers free and/or affordable education to adults.

Services provided include:

 high school completion

transition services to college or career

career and college exploration

career and college preparation

driver’s education

workforce training

proctoring services for college classes (fee for non-UMaine System schools)

proctoring workforce certificate programs

enrichment classes



 Mount Desert Island Adult Education’s Age Policy:  Unless otherwise noted in the course description, courses are open to individuals seventeen years and older, who are not attending K-12 schools.  In some cases, permission may be granted by the director. 

Please contact Anne Patterson, Director, for details: 288-4703 or email her at apatterson@mdirss.org.




Learning for everyone

Make this the year you earn your high school diploma… change jobs…                                  learn an new skill…  gain a new hobby….

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • Jan
    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/57e4d24b4251ad14f6da8c7dda79367a153bdce35a576c4870287fd39f44c058b9_1280.jpg

    Art: Watercolor for Intermediates

    This is a class for those watercolor artists that are beyond the beginner stage and want a little more challenge. We will experiment with different techniques, learn color theory and learn to tighten our control. We’ll explore how light effects color and how the color wheel becomes crucial to a successful painting. This class is […]

  • Jan
    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/53e0d643434fad0bffd8992cc62c377a1739d7e34e50744e702a7bd4954fcd_1280.jpg

    Dance: A Taste of Ballroom

    Learn the Basics – just enough to get you on the dance floor. We’ll a little of everything: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Salsa, Charleston……all steps are very learnable! Dance shoes and a partner are strongly suggested. No dance experience required. No class on Feb. 18 or March 3.

  • Jan
    Original source: https://bellaceramicastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/step-1-paint-pottery.jpg

    Pottery for Beginners

    Have you ever wanted to ‘throw a pot’ – that is, use a potter’s wheel? This extremely popular beginner’s class will cover hand building techniques, forming on the potter’s wheel, surface decoration and treatments. Make functional handcrafted products to use and enjoy or give as holiday gifts! Material costs ($50) are included in the fee. […]

  • Jan
    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/57e0d64a4955ad14f6da8c7dda79367a153bdce35a576c4870287ed09e45c458b0_1280.jpg

    Dance: Merengue

    Merengue is a style of Dominican music and dance. Google “merengue” online to find a video. Great energetic and fun dance style! Dance shoes and partner strongly suggested. No dance experience required.  No class Feb. 18 or March 3.

  • Jan
    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/57e3dd4a4e52b108f5d084609629337e113dd8ec554c704c722a79dd914ccc50_1280.jpg

    Understanding How to Heat Your Home

    Randy’s back!!! Last year’s hugely successful plumbing class continues now with how to best heat your home. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of home heating. We will explore the 3 Major components of a central heating system and Space Heater Options as well as look at Fuel Sources, Distribution System, types of […]

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